Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues

Celebrating 36 years of mobilizing
        philanthropic resources for the LGBTQ community.
1982 – 2018

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
12:00pm — 6:00pm Registration & Pre Meetings
8:30am — 3:30pm *** Native Americans in Philanthropy and International Funders for Indigenous Peoples Co-Sponsored Pre-Meeting: Impact Investment in Indigenous Communities and Beyond /Youth-Driven Strategies to Invest in Two Spirit Programs: Empowerment Through Cultural Reclamation ***
4:00pm — 5:00pm Funding Forward 101: An Orientation for First Timers
5:00pm — 6:00pm Welcome Cocktail Reception
6:00pm — 8:00pm Dinner & Opening Remarks

Thursday, March 31, 2016
8:30am — 9:20am Breakfast
9:30am — 11:00am Plenary — Money for the Midwest: LGBTQ Assets and Opportunities in the Midwest
11:00am — 11:30pm Break
11:30pm — 12:30pm Concurrent Sessions
  • Out of the Closet, Out of the Shadow: LGBTQ Leadership in the Struggle Against Deportation
  • Cross-Generational Strategies: An Intersectional Approach to Funding Across LGBTQ Lifespans
  • 12:30pm — 1:30pm Lunch & President's Presentation
    1:30pm- 2:00pm Break
    2:00pm - 3:30pm Plenary — When National Funders Go Local: Leveraging LGBT Community Centers
    3:30pm — 4:00pm Break
    4:00pm — 5:10pm TED-Style Table Talks
  • The Leadership Pipeline in the LGBTQ Movement, Looking Toward 2020
  • Unjust: How the Criminal Justice System Fails LGBTQ People
  • "What's Your Issue?" Highlights from a National Survey of LGBT and Gender Non-conforming Youth
  • Intersex Human Rights: Supporting a Growing Movement & Exploring Intersections with LGBTQ Justice
  • Harnessing the Power of Executive Action
  • 5:30pm — 7:30pm *** Arcus & Novo Foundation Global Trans Intitiative Reception *** (off-site)
    7:30pm — 9:30pm Dinner

    Friday, April 1, 2016
    8:30am — 9:30am Breakfast & Global Philanthropy Project Breakfast Meeting
    9:30am — 11:00am Plenary — Trans Justice Funding and Organizing: Honoring Legacies and Building Futures
    11:00am — 11:15am Break
    11:15pm — 12:15pm Concurrent Sessions
  • From "Equality Campaigns" to "Equity Infrastructure"
  • Transformative Giving Models to Fund Transformative LGBTQ Activism
  • 12:15pm — 1:00pm Lunch & Puerto Rico Caucus
    1:00pm — 2:00pm Concurrent Sessions
  • Using Storytelling For Social Change in the LGBTQ+ Movement
  • Supporting Multi-Issue Movement Building: LGBTQ Racial Justice Funding
  • 2:10pm — 3:30pm Closing Plenary - Uniting Women's & LGBTQ Philanthropy
    8:00pm — Late Funding Forward After Party at LUSH