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What Can Funders do to Respond to Anti-LGBTQ Bills Moving Through the South?

Organizer(s): Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Grantmakers for Southern Progress

May 4, 2016
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET

In recent weeks and months, we have seen sweeping anti-LGBTQ bills moving through state legislatures with a large majority of these bills being introduced in southern states.

From Mississippi's far reaching "religious liberty" bill to North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ and local preemption bill, Tennessee's Anti-LGBTQ Counseling Bill, and South Carolina's Anti-LGBTQ "Bathroom Bill" - southern legislatures are targeting LGBTQ southerners and their families in response to recent gains made toward LGBTQ rights and as part of familiar election year political strategies.

Amidst these terrible bills, we are also seeing rays of hope! Recently both Georgia's and Louisiana's governors made positive steps in response to these harmful bills. And folks throughout the South and the nation continue to respond in powerful ways through boycotts, direct action and other forms of resistance.

The Out in the South Initiative and Grantmakers for Southern Progress would like to invite you to join us for a conference call on Wednesday, May 4th 11-12:30pm EST to hear what's happening on the ground in southern states facing these bills. We will hear from funders and movement leaders working regionally to discuss ways that funders can respond in the coming weeks and months. Speakers for the call will include:

  • Tim Sweeney from the Freeman Foundation
  • Paulina Helm-Hernandez from SONG
  • Jasmine Beach Ferrara from Campaign for Southern Equality; and
  • Amanda Snipes from Equality Federation
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