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ABFE Special Webinar: Gender Norms & Black Youth: Reconnecting Race, Class AND Gender

Organizer(s): ABFE

November 29, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

Rigid gender norms have immense raced and classed impacts on youth of color. In fact, gender affects almost every problem funders address. Yet, while some funders are solidly grounded in racial and economic justice, few do innovative work or challenge their grantees to do so when it comes to gender. Studies clearly show that young Black men and women who internalized rigid ideals for masculinity and femininity have lower life outcomes in areas like health and education. On the flip side, those who don't conform to gender norms – who are gay or trans –face their own adverse life impacts from rigid gender expectations.

This session will help participants reconnect race, class, and gender. Participants will learn how gender norms have specific impacts on life outcomes among youth of color. Concrete examples will be provided on integrating a gender lens into "intersectional" giving. No prior knowledge necessary, but reports will be shared to provide context.

The recent, critically acclaimed movie, Moonlight, tells a powerful narrative of some Black males becoming men. It has struck a chord with many of those who have seen it. If you can, see the film, before the webinar, as it's in theaters now -

By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 1) Know and understand basic gender associated terminology 2) Understand the basic concepts of gender transformative giving 3) Know how gender norms impact Black and other youth of color, and how to integrate this into an intersectional approach to gender


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Category(s): Philanthropic Sector

Topic(s): People of Color/Ethnic Communities, Youth