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LGBTQ & HIV/AIDS: Beyond a National Strategy, Towards a High Impact Outcome for Our Communities

July 26, 2011
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

Co-sponsored by: Funders Concerned About AIDS

This call will explore the issues and needs of communities most profoundly affected by HIV and AIDS: Men Who Have Sex with Men [MSM] - particularly MSM of color -- who constitute over half of new US infections each year; African Americans who represent 46% of People Living with HIV/AIDS [PLWHA] in the US; and transgender people who by some accounts face an HIV infection rate four times the national average.

It is timed to be equidistant between the Obama Administration's July 2010 release of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (which calls for an emphasis on communities taking the hardest hit) and the International AIDS Conference scheduled to take place in Washington DC in the summer of 2012. What is the link between LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS? How can funders support the structural changes necessary to address HIV and AIDS and attendant drivers (e.g., barriers to housing and care, employment discrimination, criminalization), specifically with regard to communities experiencing the hardest impact?


Ernest Hopkins, Director of Federal Affairs, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Celia C. Chung, Commissioner, San Francisco Human rights Commission

Ron Simmons, Executive Director, Us Helping Us


Terry M. McGovern, Senior Program Officer, Ford Foundation

Please RSVP to Marvin Webb at for dial-in information.


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Category(s): Philanthropic Sector, General LGBTQ Community

Focus(es): Focus on Gay Men, Focus on Transgender People

Topic(s): Health, HIV/AIDS, Low-Income/Poverty, People of Color/Ethnic Communities