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Celebrating 36 years of mobilizing
        philanthropic resources for the LGBTQ community.
1982 – 2018

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2011 Grantmakers Retreat JAN 18th - JAN 20th

Advancing an LGBTQ Justice Movement through Research, Policy, and Community Engagement

Palm Springs, California


Katherine Acey • Trishala Deb • Sam Finkelstein • Jeana Frazzini •
Marielena Hincapié • Mara Keisling • Surina Khan • Barry Knight •
Andrew Lane • Ineke Mushovic • Judy Patrick • Eveline Shen •
Kimberleigh J. Smith, MPA • Tim Sweeney • Beth Zemsky


Tuesday, January 18th
12:00–2:00pm • Meeting of LGBTQ Public and Community Foundations
1:00–3:00pm • Registration
3:00–5:30pm • Opening/Community building
6:30–7:00pm • Reception
7:00–8:00pm • Dinner
8:00–9:30pm • Opening Panel

Wednesday, January 19th
8:00–9:00am • Breakfast
9:15am–12:30pm • Conversation One: LGBTQ institutions in the evolving landscape
12:30–1:30pm • Lunch
1:30–2:00pm • Conversation One continued
2:00–4:30pm • Conversation Two: Policy and community engagement
6:30–7:30pm • Dinner
7:45–8:30pm • Cultural Program • D'Lo

Thursday, January 20th
8:00–9:00am • Breakfast
9:15am–Noon • Conversation Three: Research
Noon–1:00pm • Closing
1:00–2:00pm • Lunch


3pm Tuesday January 18th -
2pm Thursday January 20th, 2011

Hotel Zoso
150 South Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California, USA 92262
Phone: 760-325-9676

Registration is open to representatives from any grantmaking entity or philanthropic infrastructure organization (e.g. board members, staff, grant advisory committee members, etc.).

  • Maria Cadenas (FLGBTQ Issues Board, Cream City Foundation)
  • Paul Di Donato (Proteus Fund)
  • Roger Doughty (Horizons Foundation)
  • Jason Franklin (Bolder Giving)
  • Alice Hom (Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy)
  • Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup (Vermont Community Foundation)
  • Andy Lane (FLGBTQ Issues Board, Johnson Family Foundation)
  • Bill Lyons (Next Generation LGBTQ Giving Circle)
  • Randall Miller (Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Foundation)
  • Ineke Mushovic (Movement Advancement Project)
  • Morris Price (FLGBTQ Issues Board, Gill Foundation)
  • Cindy Rizzo (FLGBTQ Issues Board, Arcus Foundation)
  • Alfonso Wenker (PFund Foundation)

Category(s): Philanthropic Sector, General LGBTQ Community

Focus(es): Focus on Bisexuals, Focus on Gay Men, Focus on Lesbians, Focus on Transgender People