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2011 LGBTQ Grantmakers Retreat
January 18th - 20th, Palm Springs, CA

Advancing an LGBTQ Justice Movement through Research, Policy, and Community Engagement

Grantmakers at retreat

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State of the Movement Roundtable

Framing questions: Looking at "big picture" state of the movement questions: Where are we now? What lessons can we learn from our own history? Are we all in the same LGBTQ movement?

Presenters: Katherine Acey (Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice), Mara Keisling (National Center for Transgender Equality), Tim Sweeney (Gill Foundation), Trishala Deb (Arcus Foundation)

Moderator: Karen Zelermyer, moderator (Funders for LGBTQ Issues)

LGBTQ Institutions in the Evolving Landscape

Framing Questions: What do we know about how movements grow? What is this "movement moment?" What shifts are we witnessing in terms of strategy, focus and commitments? What can we learn from other movements?

Presenters: Marielena Hincapié (National Immigration Law Center), Eveline Shen (Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice)

Framer: Beth Zemsky - Building Organizations in a Movement Moment

Policy and Community Engagement

Framing questions: Where have the most effective policy interventions been made? What models of strategic and cohesive relationships between and among direct service, community organizing, policy, and research have been effective at the local and state levels? How can we use these as models and guideposts?

Presenters: Sam Finkelstein (Gender JUST), Jeana Frazzini (Basic Rights Oregon), Kimberleigh J Smith, MPA (Paul Rapoport Foundation & Harlem United Community AIDS Center)

Moderator: Maria Cadenas (Cream City Foundation)


Framing questions: How has research informed funding strategies? How can funders use research to help move their social justice agenda? What are examples of research that have made effective contributions to change?

Presenters: Barry Knight (Centris), Ineke Mushovic (Movement Advancement Project), Surina Khan (Women's Foundation of California)

Moderator: Andrew Lane (Johnson Family Foundation)